In certain circumstances, particularly when a blockage involves sludge and grease, but also in other cases, rooter service won’t adequately clear a clogged pipe. A cable auger will simply push the sludge and grease around rather than clear it out of the pipe. Jetter service particularly comes in handy to clear clogged storm and sanitary sewer lines. Pipe X’s jetter service involves injecting a high-pressure water stream through the pipes to blast the blockage out. We connect our hydro jetter machines via a hose and nozzle, and a heavy-duty motor/pump shoots water up through the pipe to clear even the most stubborn clogs.

It is a proven, cost-efficient solution that is safe for all types of pipes. We can service lines with diameters ranging from 2-6 inches. And, while it is particularly effective in clearing sludge, grease, and other soft blockages not otherwise removable through cable/rooter service. Our jetter service is also capable of plowing through tree roots and other mineral build-ups. Call Pipe X today to ask us about our jetter service.